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I anthropomorphise construction objects to explore labour divisions within class and gender. I create construction works with materials symbolic to traditional views of womanhood, and place these indications of construction objects in the setting of a white walled gallery space. The latter fetishises working class labour, by contrasting what is usually a working class job in the context of a middle/upper class work setting, without any working class involvement in this process.

Good construction goes unnoticed, you only start to notice the pipes once one starts to leak. This parallels with the often unappreciated, unpaid domestic work. In my work I merge these two unappreciated, gendered, private and public roles/jobs together, ie, bricklaying with lard and cement. Furthermore, I make my construction objects dysfunctional through the feminised materials used; soft and submissive materials to indicate hard, tough construction objects. Doing this makes my objects dysfunctional, and therefore heard. 

In their dysfunctionality, a greater value is placed on its aesthetic- much like notions of female objectivity within broader society and popular culture.

If good construction goes unnoticed- expected but not acknowledged- then so do good

constructors. To make a dysfunctional construction it must be made by or represent a dysfunctional constructor- one unskilled, and therefore heard. 


Professional  CV

Visiting Tutor, Chelsea College of Art

Curator and Owner of The Cardboard Box Gallery

Presented work in The Guardian 




Currently undergoing a MAFA at Chelsea College of Art

Currently undergoing a Plumbing Degree at CONEL

Falmouth, BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2015-2018


Volunteer Curator at ‘The Poly’ Gallery, Falmouth 2018



Dec 2020

'The End', Solo Show at 'The Cardboard Box Gallery', London

October 2020

'Curtain Call', The Shop Front Gallery, London

May 2020

The Cardboard Box Gallery, London

April 2020

Solo Exhibition, Advertisement Board in London

December 2019

Triangle Gallery, Chelsea, London

December 2019

Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art

Nov 2019

A to B Gallery, Camberwell College of Art


May 2019

Leydon Gallery, ‘Platform for Emerging Artists 22’- London


April 2019

FaveLabs, ‘In-between’ Solo Exhibition- Athens, Greece



NES Artist Exhibition- Skagastrond, Iceland



BA Fine Art Degree show- Falmouth University




NES artist residency in Iceland, Skagastrond Nov-Dec 30th 

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