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Documenting the environment and context behind an idea, but not documenting the idea itself. 


I was thinking about the process of creation behind a work of art, how valuable an idea is to a work of art, how art is a materialisation of a narrative, idea, or philosophy. It made me wonder if I was able to just present an idea as a work of art, leaving behind language, skill, craft, an understanding audience in a gallery. I’ve been thinking about artist’s need to be constantly understood and acknowledged, or at least my own desire to be. If I allow privacy of thought, and encourage a confusion of substance, or allow the artist to be humbled by the sharing of the everyday.


Maybe the point is just pointlessness, art without spatial layout, an idea without optical materialisation, art with only context, ideas unsubjected to outside knowledge; unquestioned, unaddressed. 

The dates and times have been noted as catalogue for when my ideas were exhibited in the space of the everyday.



peripheral is an everyday unintelligible event.

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